Products Specifications
Simplex condom is a product resulting from combination of supreme latex material , latest latex production technology and the reliable equipment from Germany. Each Simplex condom have to pass electronic pinhole test while every batch of condoms has to pass random burst test. Electronic water test is carried out in order to ensure that each condom produced will be of maximum reliability.
Simplex condom are produced in plain ; contoured ; ribbed ; and dotted form to enhance experience.
Simplex Fruity & FLoral Fragrance

The first company in Indonesia to apply various Fruity & Floral aroma on condom. The fragrance does not cause irritation and will create harmonious, romantic & special environment. Varieties of aroma are available such as strawberry, mint, rose, chocolate, apple among others.

Contoured Lubricated (Non Spermicidal)

Simplex Long Love

A specially designed condom, that promotes virility in a long-lasting conditions.

Plain Lubricated (Non Spermicidal)
Contain anaesthetic agent

Simplex Extra Long Love

A specially designed condom, that promotes virility in a long-lasting conditions.

Plain contoured & Lubricated(Non Spermicidal)

Simplex Super Safe Spermicide (Brown)

This product combines a latex condom and spermicidal lubricant. The spermicide non oxynol -9, reduces the number of active sperm. Thereby decreasing the risk of pregnancy if you lose your erection before withdrawal and some semen spill outside the condom. Simplex Super Safe condoms effectiveness in decreasing pregnancy risk can be used more conveniently as a substitute for the combined use of a vaginal spermicide and a condom.

Contoured & Ribbed, Spermicidal Lubricated

Simplex Black Panther

Contoured & Dotted Lubricated(Non Spermicidal)

Simplex Deluxe (Red)

Beside having the same feature as Simplex standard, it is available in ribbed form which can intensify the sensual feeling.

Contoured & Ribbed Lubricated(Non Spermicidal)

Simplex Stallion

Contoured Ribbed & Dotted Lubricated(Non Spermicidal)

Simplex Standard Green

Thin, elastic, soft, and yet strong , lubricated and contoured. Simplex condoms will give you the maximum satisfaction.

Contoured Lubricated (Non Spermicidal)